Upcoming Presidential Elections Prompt Rampant Hacking Activity


Ahead of the Ukrainian presidential election scheduled for March 31, there is a looming concern over recent reports that prove a notable surge in hacking activity within the electoral-related stakeholders. The cyber intelligence personnel believe that there is a planned scheme to digitally compromise the credibility of the electoral process, as much of the hacking attempts are directed to electoral servers and electoral staff’s personal computers.

Authorities further claim that the attacks are all planned and orchestrated by Russian intelligence to favor their interest in the oncoming Ukrainian presidential elections.

All these Hacking Activity are efforts to create vulnerabilities and back doors to facilitate for the coordination of large-scale phishing attacks designed to steal passwords and personal information from the electoral software systems of high-ranking election officials. The hackers, in turn, sell these private credentials on the dark web through the secure and decentralized conduit of cryptocurrency in order to maintain anonymity.


Bild: Pixabay Lizenz

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